Mothers Day. North Carolina. Rachael Lampa

This Mother's Day, I had the privilege of joining Nathan Lee and "Send Musicians To Prison" on their visit to the Swananoa Women's Correctional Center in Black Mountain, NC. Send Musicians To Prison visits inmates all over the country and offers Healing, Hope and Comfort through the power of music.

Much like my last prison visit, I have walked away changed and renewed. An overwhelming sense of compassion came over me as I identified with these women. Prior to these women serving time for their crimes, was a broken and confused heart that led to their decision.  I know my heart has been hurt and IS hurting.....but Im thankful for the blessing of great people around me, and a loving God to whisper me back in the right direction.  It's easy for friends to be sympathetic towards each other. Recently, I've been giving a lot of thought to how much compassion I have for those whose stories I don't know, and may be tempted to judge.

I believe compassion is underrated in the book of deeds these days. I realize how, by not choosing compassion with everyone I meet, I'm only adding weight to the pain they are already carrying around. I'm almost punishing them by withholding my compassion. This world does enough punishing! Perhaps by being compassionate, we can take a small amount of weight off each others shoulders.

As Nathan Lee and I shared our stories and songs, there was an understood respect and love within the room and it was one of those moments you feel like God wants us to have more of  -

Rachael Lampa

PHOTO: Rachael Lampa & Nathan Lee (Rehearsing in Black Mountain, before the Mothers day event at SWCC)