Pitchess Detention Center. LA. Mens Maximum Security

 "I am here in this room with all of you because I believe you are all valuable and that you are not forgotten"

These were the opening words Nathan Lee spoke when addressing 60 plus men, sitting in a room, waiting to hear some hopeful rockstar come in and sing songs. Nathan's introduction was honest, heartfelt and intimate, something that is probably a totally foreign form of communication to many of the men present. These are men who have made some serious mistakes, and attached to these decisions are some severe consequences. This particular jail was a maximum security holding facility where one would go to await trial for sentences of 10 years to life.

As Nathan begun to sing and tell stories, I saw him reach inward for strength in order to give these men every ounce of what he could muster up....... something beautiful happened. Hardened rapists, murderers, thieves and gangsters began to weep and weep openly without any attempt to conceal their emotion. This was a day that they were not expecting at all. Today, on April 24th 2013, there was no rock star to entertain them, because that is not who Nathan is. Instead, Christ himself was in that room, resting his hand on each shoulder saying "It's okay, you are my child and I love you despite what you think of yourself".


I witnessed something beautiful today. A man who is broken and dealing with internal conflict, rose above what was natural and walked in the supernatural care of His heavenly Father. Nathan spoke truth, with no judgement in his heart, and in turn men were connected with their Father in heaven and they felt loved. Tears flowed and emotions were brought out of hiding and I am thankful that I too experienced every minute, with everyone in that room

I'm grateful to be a part of  "Send Musicians to Prison" because of the fact that God has required us to visit those in prison and deliver the gospel. That is the very commission which pumps life into the passion of what it means to be a part of this organization.

I'm blessed..... Matthew Kennedy